We strive to provide resources to the Irish tabletop game design community to help you make your games as good as they can be. We have the follow resources to help you do just that.



We run playtest sessions in Dublin once every two weeks. The venue can be subject to change, so please check the Facebook page for the most up to date information.

We usually start the playtest sessions at around 6.30pm, and will finish up when everyone goes home! We strive to make sure everyone gets their game tested and gets the feedback they need to improve their games. Everyone is welcome, there’s no charge, though we do try to support our venues by purchasing drinks etc.


Celtic Cardboard LibrarySome of our regular playtest members have some game design books that they are willing to share with those who are interested. The currently available titles are below. If you are interested in borrowing one of the books, please send us an email or a Facebook message. Books can be collected and returned at the playtest meetup.

  • The Art of Game Design – Jesse Schell
  • A Theory of Fun – Raph Koster
  • Challenges for Game Designers – Brenda Brathwaite & Ian Schreiber
  • GameTek: The Math and Science of Gaming – Geoff Engelstein
  • Board Game Design Advice: From the Best in the World – Gabe Barrett
  • The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design – Mike Selinker
  • Clockwork Game Design – Keith Burgun
  • A Gamut of Games – Sid Saxon
  • Dice Games Explained Properly – Reiner Knizia
  • Homo Ludens – Johan Huizinga


With several of our members having already run successful Kickstarter campaigns, a number of lessons have been learned about the game design, production and fulfilment processes. If you would like to produce your game yourself, and would like to hear about our experiences, we’re more than happy to talk to you. Just send us an email or a message on Facebook.

Production Samples

We have collected a number of production samples from different publishers. These samples show the kind of components specific manufacturers can work with. If you are interested in seeing these, just let us know. We have also picked up a number of business cards of people in these companies who you can contact. Agsin, just send us an email or a message on Facebook.