UK Games Expo: A Decking Awesome Experience

Following on from our last blog post looking back at UK Games Expo, today we have another! This time from Ciara at Decking Awesome Games. Why is this split from the previous post? Unlike Jen, Robin and Ethan, Decking Awesome had a very different goal: they were playtesting their upcoming game Dice Summoners. What was the experience of playtesting a game versus selling a game? Well, let Ciara share here thoughts with you. Read More

Looking back at UK Games Expo

Celtic Cardboard went to its first ever UK Games Expo. And not only did we go, we had a stand! Robin, Jen and Ethan were all there selling their games, and we asked them, what was it like as a retailer to be there for the first time? Let’s turn it over to them.

Celtic Cardboard at UKGE 2018

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Playtest Dublin: Session Report 3 May 2018

May 3 saw our usual playtest event being held in Against The Grain on Wexford Street, Dublin. We had to compete for space and decibels with some corporate parties at the start before it quietened down. The day after, May 4, was the annual State of Play, including a chance to demo some of our games to the public. Read More


Our twice a month playtests continue. The last meet up was held from 6.30pm in Against the Grain on Wexford Street on April 19, 2018. We were delighted to welcome some new faces and see what they had to bring to the table (literally!). Read More

Game Developers Conference 2018

For computer game developers March means one thing GDC, the Game Developers Conference. The event is held in San Francisco and attracts game devs from around the world. It’s a week long conference of industry talks, hang outs, parties, meetings, expo and trade. So basically everything a game dev in any field could want. GDC has expanded along with the industry and last year, for the first time, they introduced a Board Game Day. This year Board Game Day returned and luckily – thanks to a work trip – I was able to attend.

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