About Us

The game scene in Ireland is thriving, not only digital, but also analogue games. Check out some of the fantastic board games, card games and RPG adventures from designers in Ireland.

Fickle Games

fickle gamesFickle Games was founded in 2015 by Jen Carey to design and publish tabletop games. Basil Lim soon came on board as art director and co-designer.

Based in Dublin, Fickle Games works on a variety of games such as Rampunctious and Bragging Rites. Jen Carey started in computer games working for a variety of games and tech companies. She is a board member of Imirt: The Irish Game Makers Association and occasionally lectures on game narrative and design. Jen regularly gives talks on games based topics and diversity in tech and games.

Basil Lim started in computer games as the art director of bitSmith Games where he worked on Kú: Shroud of the Morrigan. He currently works for Dublin Institute of Technology as assistant lecturer in game design and works as a Technical Artist and 3D Modeller for Janeious.

The Crafty Players Productions

The Crafty Players LogoThe Crafty Players Productions is a two man team: Emmet Byrne and Patrick Brophy. Emmet focuses mostly on writing adventures for tabletop RPGs, and his titles include The Graveyard Shift, The Beast of Bastion Bay and Ring Out, Wild Bells. You can see all of his work on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

Patrick focuses mostly on board and card games. He has released a single print and play game to date, Six Sided Stout, which was given an honourable mention in the 2017 GenCant Roll-and-Write Contest.

Turtle Dream Games

Turtle Dream Logo

Turtle Dream Games is a tabletop game design and development studio based in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. The core team consists of Lead Designer Ethan Day-Jones and Creative Director Sean Malone, with other members joining in for specific projects. Turtle Dream Games successfully funded their first game Exquisite Beast on Kickstarter in 2016, and funded their second game Dare to Dream in 2017.

Uncanny Cardboard

Uncanny Cardboard Logo

Robin David has been making and releasing games through Uncanny Cardboard since 2015. He has an interest in narrative-based games, and games where simple rules and components give rise to complex decisions.

In 2016, he won Imirt Irish Game Awards for both The Martian Investigations and Movable Type – including Best Analogue Game for the latter. A second edition of Movable Type, with improved game play and graphics, was Kickstarted successfully in late 2017 and released in 2018.